Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30 - Slant on the Day

The angle of the sun,

low and piercing,

with fog shrouding the

Sulfur Springs Mountains, blitzing out early again for more paper grading in Pleasant Hill before meeting up with the

Music Historians for a romp through the late Baroque -- Vivaldi to J.S. Bach, with quiz on the entire era,

looking ahead to an abbreviated Classical exercise next Tuesday, due to the Monday holiday.

Return, with Harriet (who has been out with brother Tony) likewise eventually to the rest of the day's

quiet and cliche'd activities...

Pdf of sixth Embedded Invention (Op. 20),
Eighth movement of The Little Prince video edited,
Page 7 of Psalm 64 composed, and
Page 42 of The Countess Cathleen orchestrated.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29 - Appreciating It All

Another c. 6:15am


as the




not that one can particularly

count on anything,

but the beauty of the way is

unquestionable, as is the

goodness of the wayfarers,

grading Music Literature papers and joining the gang for a romp through the early Baroque,

with Quiz 6 on the overall era tomorrow

(as opposed to today's make-up quizzes).

Return home under the Heraclitian clouds for the rest of the day's adventures...

Pdf of fifth Embedded Invention (Op. 20),
Seventh movement of The Little Prince video edited,
Page 6 of Psalm 64 composed, and
Page 41 of The Countess Cathleen orchestrated. 

At 544 MB (53.13%) of the 1024 MB total for blog thus far, running now a day ahead of schedule...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28 - On! Hie!

Up at 5:30 and out the door by 6:15, to an amazing painterly

panorama, but portenting more

weird weather -- i.e. palpitations of precipitation...

clouds, gloom, and rain --

but not without



paper grading in

Pleasant Hill, followed by another rendezvous with the Music Historians, now with selections from early violin music and Martin Luther, through Palestrina and Thomas Morley, looking ahead to the

Baroque --

with chapter numbers thus:

8567 Monteverdi
8585 Schutz
8659 Purcell
8678 Vivaldi
8685 Handel
8685 J.S. Bach --

and the Renaissance Quiz finishing up the order of the day.

Returning home via a jag to Martinez




glad to find that Carolus has checked in from The International Music Score Library Project re proper alphabetization of works thus far on the site.

Proceed ahead uploading

Academic Endeavors (Op. 19), continue on the pdf project (movement 4) for

Embedded Inventions (Op. 20), plus

Sixth movement of The Little Prince video edited as a discrete file,
Page 5 of Psalm 64 composed, and
Page 40 of The Countess Cathleen orchestrated.

Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27 - Tossed, Untroubled







80 / 680




rounds with the Music Historians, covering the

Early Renaissance,

returning through

similar contitions,

on errands, including a

video re-supply for Harriet at the Library, wherein are found such items as

Solomon (1997, surprisingly fairly according-to-text and nuanced),

Tennessee Williams's Suddenly Last Summer (1958 / 1959, amazingly, a kind of update of Euripedes's amazing Bacchae [the latter of which Steven Clark handled so brilliantly in Dionysus, on the double bill with The Playboy of the Western World]),

The Sundowners (John Cleary, 1951 / 1960),

Ten Little Indians (Agatha Christie, 1939 / 1965, reset on a mountain top from its original island locale, with the altered ending of the author's stage version),

That Hamilton Woman (1941, re the remarkable Emma Hamilton, 1765 - 1815), and

They Drive By Night (1940). The typical composition / orchestration / video drill upon return -- i.e.

Fifth movement of The Little Prince video as a discrete file,
Page 4 of Psalm 64 composed,
Page 39 of The Countess Cathleen orchestrated,
Third pdf of the Embedded Inventions (Op. 20) created --

additionally posting

Yellow River Concerto II, Op. 18, on

The International Music Score Library Project, and finishing up a re-reading of Edward Abbey's

Down the River (1982).