Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30 - Ready for Anything

Begin composing Psalm 55, reformatting King David: VII. Oh for the Wings of a Dove into Encore from Sibelius, as well as linking another of 12 Fingers pdf's (for a total of 3 thus far -- a quarter of the way done) and receiving Melinda Wagner's final edit of her article, sending it on to Grove.

Then Harriet and I are out the door severally

down the beauteous

corridor to











Buena Gardens Theatre,

meeting up with Michael Mcdonagh,

Philip Glass (leaving the the revised Grove article in his dressing room, at his request), and Eduardo Prado for



recital -- which is surprisingly strong, benefitted by music from Glassworks, The Thin Blue Line, The Screens, Hydrogen Jukebox (with a taped Allen Ginsberg), plus Mad Rush and selections from 16 Etudes and other works.  If their are questions in the spirit of Anton Rubenstein's "Ah, what mistakes!", the experience bears the authenticity akin to Charles Ives's sessons in the recording studio.  The Ensemble covers much, but the lack thereof reveals equally... not least a decided Glassian romanticism with regard to dynamics and tempi.

Afterwards give Eduardo a lift home, in thanks for him informing me of this concert, then spend quite a bit of time on a quiet Hayward

sidestreet trying to figure out how to clear excess recordings and videos from iPhone,

such that more pictures can be taken.

Proceed apace to a funky distict in Alameda,

wherein lies Rhythmics

performance space,

for Harriet's La Triaviata opening (H is seen here with Raina Simons -- clearly a convocation of wonderful singers!):

an impressive show

(including a chamber orchestra of 1222 0000 22110),

and looking forward to taking in the entirety soon.

But for now, it's off home to receive Dan Becker's revised article, sending that and a provisional Glass one to Charles Hiroshi Garrett and Grove Online / The Grove Dictionary of American Music, Second Edition.

Finished.  It's finished.  It must be nearly finished.  Many hours have been spent on the Grove project, and now my tasks in this regard have pretty much concluded.  There will be interviews to transcribe and run in 21st-Century Music, as sequels to the work, but this will be another story.

For now, back to transferring Act IV Mice and Men from PC to Mac, adding another 15 seconds of video to Camino Real: Block 7 (up to 6 minutes), and, oh yes, the Journal...

Alas, up to 484 MB (47.27%) of 1024 MB -- which seems an excessive +3, given only 31 new pics, but whatever...  Further, tomorrow will perhaps wreak more photographic havoc, so will have to take it easy through next Tuesday, which should be possible.

Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29 - Heraclitus, Again

Up early once more,

and out

into the

beautiful world

of Solano,


(briefly before

returning to aforesaid...

ah, the vagaries of county lines...),



Marin --

to rendezvous anew with Crystal and Stanley

(with Bette and others on the phones at times) in the



Terra Linda /

Sleepy Hollow Divide

Open Spaces.

We have a wonderful chat,

head back

to the

new residence,

and pick up Christina.

Then all set out for the San Rafael Transit Center,

dropping Crystal off,

meandering over to Judy's Automotive, leaving the truck,

and then making a beeline for the Fairfax Library,

for Christina's daily endeavors.




box for financial greetings,

over the Bay and




DVC briefly (where there's a bit of buzz re New Big People Old Trouble So Sunday

and beyond to Walnut Creek for replacement items at the Apple Store,

then home to finish Psalm 54 (7 pages total) and link the first two 12 Fingers pdf's.

Out again briefly to the

library for video enrichment -- including

Path to War (2002),

James Earl Jones as Paul Robeson (2005),

Pinochet's Last Stand (2006),

Places in the Heart (1984), and

Plainsong (1999 / 2004 -- amongst its charming unbelievabilities, beautiful scenery of Utah, rather than Colorado) -- and return, bringing Act III Mice and Men over from PC to Mac, and taking the Camino Real: Block 7 video up to 5:45.  Submit the revised Alden Jenks article to Grove, and send Melinda Wagner re-write for confirmation.

481 MB (47.07%) of 1024 MB, with 43+ new pictures (a day ahead of schedule, again)...