Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9 - Dimly Proceeding

Spend much of another sunny day helping Harriet with MAP fund application re Matthew Owens's City of St. Francis.  Quite a lot of work: edit the four vocal selections done last weekend at DVC, deal with a monstrously large unedited audio file of the composer's Prison Songs (download Audacity, but wind up not having to use it... the program does provide motivation for doing a Dock re-organization after all this time on the MacBooks), edit two 2009 Fresh Voices excerpts (from Peter Josheff's Inferno and Patrick Dailly's Solidarity) on Wondershare and iMovie, then open a Vimeo account to post same as required by the grant.

After all this,

barely enough

time to do

errands down in

Pleasant Hill,

with delays --

certainly scenic --

on the way.

Swing round homeward and finally do Business As Usual: 2a. Caucasian Sketchbook and other musical endeavors (pdf for page 7 Street Songs, and composition of measure 15 Psalm 81) before fade out.  Also update copies of Jerry Goldsmith's The Great Escape and Maurice Jarre's The Train.