Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8 - Picture This

Last day of student teaching, last day of round four compositions, last day of regularly-scheduled Theory

(on another blindingly bright and wonderful late-season sunny day) -- we are all surprisingly efficient,

with no less than six presentations including Brendan's challenging chords (from open 5ths through 9ths) and Phil's offering of the Sergei Prokofiev Symphony No. 1 ("Classical"): III. Gavotte (graciously allowing for a bit of hijacking).

Student work includes fine performances from Jane and Ji, with Anand's last whimsical piece rounding up proceedings nicely.  A great class throughout the semester!

Homeward, it's time to revisit iMovie, making videos of the first three movements of Business as Usual: Ia. Torculus Man, Ib. Six Friday Nights, and Ic. The Second Death.  Also do pdf of page 6 Street Songs and compose 14th measure re Psalm 81.