Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 17 - Timelines

After uploading all the Glass, set to retire, but return to Facebook, and become curious about the upcoming of the heralded Timeline redesign, which, seemingly in the spirit of past revamps of YouTube, etc., seems to be on the horizon for everyone, for better or worse.  Visit Steven Clark's and David Weigelt's redone sites, and, lo, the new new approach and look seems a definite improvement.  So, contrary to some past practices, jump on early, and get carried away in enthusiasm most of the night.  Have always been a fan of timelines, after all.

After a few hours of morning repose, up again, doing pdf and audio for first part of Symphony No. 3: II, plus the days updates of Street Songs and Psalm 82 (pdf 15 / comp 7).  Also return to two boxes of photos, kindly sent by Carolyn a number of years back, and begin scanning some of same into computer for use on Facebook, here, etc.

In the evening, off again with Harriet, down the 80 corridor, looping through electrically-bedecked palms in Emeryville, over the Bridge, south on 101 to the vicinity of

Paul Avenue, for dinner and conversation with Michelle, Andy, Jonathan, and Vera -- a very pleasant time, touching on Business As Usual, Camino Real, Firesign Theater, geography, opera, traffic, and weather -- among other matters.  Home late, but evidently there are more enthusiasms ahead...