Friday, December 16, 2011

December 16 - If We Only Knew

Up early (or late, depending on the point of view), doing all the covers of albums for this year's Christmas gifts, to wit: East-West Dissonance,

Animal Farm,

Henry Miller in Brooklyn,

Stories with a View,


Mythos in Tempore Belli  (yes, seemingly a preponderence of scantily-clad women -- but it's all great art, right?... sure, sure, and, to be fair: Dali's St. Anthony is rather revealing, and who knows what's under Mateo Ricci's Chinese Jesuit robes?...).  After some inanimate hours, up again, beginning the February 2012 issue of 21st-Century Music, with news of the incredible Elliott Carter, whose 103rd birthday is being well-deservedly celebrated.  Take in Carteresque and Steve Reichian videos at Boosey & Hawkes (the kind of choices possible on a day of semi-leisurely catch-up -- re various fronts -- after the often-breakneck pace of the recent past semester), and import a fair amount of Philip Glass into iTunes, including complete versions (only little teaching-excerpts heretofore in the computer, having acquired the CD's years back) of

Two Pages
Music in Contrary Motion
Music in Fifths
Music Similar Motion
Music for Voices
Music with Changing Parts
Music in Twelve Parts
Another Look at Harmony
Einstein on the Beach
The Photographer
Symphony No. 1 ("Low")
Music from "The Screens"
Hydrogen Jukebox
Symphony No. 4 ("Heroes")

-- some of this as the chic Harriet steps out for a fundraiser.  Also do ensuing pages (14 / 6) of the pdf for Street Songs and composition of Psalm 82.

By evening, time to join H in the stepping out to Chamber Arts and the monthly Goat Hall Productions / San Francisco Cabaret Opera Board Meeting, planning for the new year, and

returning in the old.