Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5 - Crystal Clarity

Up soon after retiring, the world -- like the consciousness -- just beginning to

come to:

strong winds,

pristine skies,

over the

Sulfur Springs,



Napa Marshes,

past Sears Point and the

Sonoma Mountains, and

over the





down the 101 corridor in just over an hour-and-a-half... virtually the same duration as the last two weeks, with similar events re traffic patterns, right down to the slow pickup truck just ahead, plodding up Elizabeth Way, for the weekly rendezvous with

Crystal and Stanley,

for ever-changing conversation.





town and across

bridge and


meet up with the

Diablo Valley College

Music Theoreticians for the beginning of the second week student presentations and

continuing round four of compositions.  Afterwards, the lab beckons, as the accustomed station is clear and Doug has a bit of extra time in all the activity of end-of-semester to provide wisdom re the Branislav and Zoli mixes of Matthew Owens's City of St. Francis done on Saturday.  Definite improvements are made, with great thanks.  Elaine calls twice during the session, and upon return there's time to respond to emails from Dave and her, then talk to da man -- who is very gracious but firm in his recent resolutions.  Evening given over to pdf (finishing 9th system and first movement of Street Songs: I. All My Relations) and compositional activity (65th page of The Cop and the Anthem; 11th measure re Psalm 81).