Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11 - Under the Spreading

Home most of the day, Harriet at a Weill rehearsal in afternoon and evening (likely to join them in the new year), doing second videos of Business As Usual: IIIa. You'll Drive It Out and IIIc. Shane O'Donlon.  Errands thereafter about town and beyond, partially on crusade to fine a projection screen.

As in the search for record player and tape recorder a while back, item proves impossible to procure immediately locally -- although big-ticket flat-screen TVs and a $150 inflatable one (for watching indulgently poolside) are readily available (the former seemingly everywhere). 

Opt to jury rig a solution for tomorrow's performance via two of the large Camino Real ladders, with a sheet stretched tight between them, secured by folders of academic papers.  Harriet arrives as this process is underway, and a dress rehearsal of the material for tomorrow follows, which is very positively received.  Other musical madness includes pdf page 9 Street Songs, beginning composition of Psalm 82, and linking all the Business videos into one file as the lights go out.