Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13 - Final Brilliance



we seen


movie before?

But, no, it's a brilliant new soundtrack, thanks to the Music Theoreticians, who on this last day of class (the Final Exam, Part II), sonically weigh in with wonderful compositions -- a fantastic class whose 26 proudly surviving members are:

Joe Caron, Zach Carrasco, Jonathan Coyle,

Chris Curtis, Greg Fogg (electric violin), Jane Fowler, Rob Fowler, Sean Frigillana, Chris Haman, Noe Hernandez,

Sarah Hernandez, Philip Jenkins, Andrew Kaufman, Chris Knight,

Thomas Levy, Hannah Mae Lipa,  

Lucas Llamas, Melissa Matas, Brendan McMahon,    

Victoria Ng, Miles Preclaro,       

Anthony Ragus (trumpet),       

Paul Villa, Jake Weden, Ji Yoo, and Anand Zala.

Linger thereafter with many, after a concluding presentation of  

Business As Usual: Ib. Six Friday Nights, which seems a winner,


homeward to Harriet, planning to what looks like a new Kurt Weill Threepenny Opera production and other musical magic, including finishing reading Volume 13 of

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1980), doing pdf of page 11 Street Songs, and composition third sheet for Psalm 82.